Arturia Drumbrute and an old Midi Zoom Rhythmtrak

Where the heck do these wires go?! Why???
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Hey guys,

So, i've been struggling with this problem for a while and can't seem to find a solution.

I currently only work DAWLESS. I have an Arturia Drumbrute Impact that is hooked up via midi to a Zoom MRT3-B drum machine. Now, when I use it this way, I am unable to change the "bank" on the Zoom. So I only get one set of drum sounds out of it. It has dozens and dozens. I can utilize them when using the drum machine in a standalone method, but i'd prefer to use the drumbrute to sequence and manipulate the zoom.

Is there a way for me to send a midi message through the drumbrute to the zoom to get it to change the bank of sounds?

I have a feeling there might be a way to do it through the Midi Control Center software that pretty much every Arturia product uses...

Any ideas?
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