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Here's something I've been thinking about for a while: do you think that any of our current technology will ever inspire the sort of renaissance that tape is experiencing right now?

Twenty to thirty years from now, will people be trying to emulate the exact sound of recording an acoustic guitar with an iPhone mic?
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I totally think so! I think that's the obvious sound people will be chasing in 10 years, the "phone demo". Much like tape and vinyl saw, I think CDs will see a renaissance too, but that might be a ways out yet. It seems to be the flaws of the medium are what people come back to, like the way tape saturates and hisses, eventually the CD skip sound will be sought after too.
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How has RB helped you out in ways like your fantasies, being able to handle stress & other things is what I mean by this thread.

Now How has the past helped you out since you have been here on rb for a while?
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